Fast-rising to the highest ranks of pop-crossover superstardom, Yungblud is carving a path only dreamed by most young stars. Crafting hook-laden pop tracks with a distinct modern indie rock take, his sound and message is quickly transcending fanbases globally.

Last month, Yungblud unleashed the poignant anthem ‘Polygraph Eyes’ – a track that makes a searing statement on issues surrounding consent and sexual harassment. The hauntingly confronting lyrics that follow an all too familiar narrative of a girl’s night taking a sinister turn are carried by Yungblud’s aggressive yet empathetic delivery.

When talking about the track Yungblud said to  Billboard. “I think people my age have the power to enact change.”

“I wanted to write a song that shines a light on sexual assault, a conversation that has been started and needs to remain at the forefront of our minds”

Now, an immersive video to support that track has dropped, that follows a slew of conversations unfolding via DMs, showcasing just how close to home to the issue can hit.

Check it out below: