Yours Truly rioted onto the pop-punk scene in 2017 with their debut EP Too Late For Apologies.

Fronted by Mikaila Delgado, with Teddie Winder-Haron and Lachlan Cronin on lead guitars and Brad Cronan on drums, the Sydney based four piece immediately garnered comparisons to the likes of Paramore and Tonight Alive. But they struck deeper with their vulnerable lyrics that explored the complexities of mental health and validated the feelings of the misunderstood. 

From there the band continued to shake up the local and international scene with their breakthrough single ‘High Hopes’ which led them to being signed by UNFD, and later saw them releasing their highly acclaimed second EP Afterglow in 2019. The EP cemented the band as the new torchbearers of thoughtful pop-punk, garnering air play on the likes of BBC Radio 1, triple j and Kerrang! as well as more than 10 million streams. 

Watch the music video for ‘High Hopes’ by Yours Truly

Offering a further insight into the vulnerable exploration of anxieties, heartbreak and struggles, they showed a huge growth in their songwriting that proved they were ready for the next chapter. One of the EP’s standout tracks was ‘Circles’ because of its powerful lyrical exploration of how women are spoken to, and treated in the music industry. “We’re all apart of the fight. Haven’t you heard the news? It’s time to change your views”.

Taking these songs onto the road internationally, the band performed at Download UK and Riot, and have offers for the next installments of Slam Dunk and Sad Summer Fest in the US. Meanwhile, the group supported international scene heroes including Sum 41, State Champs and Senses Fail, and played Good Things and sold out headline shows at home.

For a band with only two EP’s out in the world, 2019 was a year full of surrealism that certified the band as a must watch act. And 2020 has continued that sentiment with the announcement of their debut album Self Carewhich will be released on September 18 via UNFD. 

The lead single ‘Composure’ is an honest reflection of the feelings we all experience at the end of a relationship. Clouded by a mixed judgement of thoughts, it’s hard to keep your cool without letting sadness or anger over balance those ratios. This song hears Delgado reclaiming her self-worth and realising that her past relationship doesn’t get to have an emotional hold on her anymore. “You don’t owe me anything. And you don’t get to say that you’re miserable without me now” she sings. 

Watch the music video for ‘Composure’ by Yours Truly

Further unravelling her confidence to openly lay with her vulnerability, the next single ‘Together’ was a poignant exploration of the complexities of mental health. Addressing the band’s imposter syndrome in the lead up to releasing this record, Delgado questions how they portray themselves compared to how they feel inside. “If you look inside my mind, would you see me the same?” she candidly ponders while highlighting this sentiment in a very relatable manner.

Embracing the power of vulnerability and the importance of acknowledging your mental health, Self Care dives into an exploration of the different parts of your psyche, and highlights the complexities and normality of mental health. From the opening moments of ‘Siamese Souls’ they explore the struggles of separation which they later revisit on the standout highlight, ‘Ghost’. Elsewhere, ‘Vivid Dream’ is a direct reflection of the dreamlike reality the band lived playing global stages while writing their debut album.. 

Finding the confidence within themselves that they are where they’re meant to be, they finished the album and candidly shared all the emotions that fuel the drive behind the project. With that confidence shining through their studio cuts and live performances, they continued to kick goals whilst in the middle of a pandemic with a triple j Live A Version performance of Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’.

Watch Yours Truly cover Oasis for triple j’s Like A Version

Yours Truly are the pop-punk band we need right now. With their meteoric success bubbling, they’re going to inspire a whole new generation of fans to be unapologetic and completely unafraid to be themselves. 

With the uncertainty of the future being set as a constant daily reminder through the ongoing news reports and social media updates, it’s easy to get lost in it all. But by pressing play on these songs, some people may find an escapism in the music that reminds them that it’s okay to be feeling confused, hurt, heartbroken, sad or alone. And it’s important to remember that your emotions are valid, and your self care is vital as it’s the most powerful thing we have. 

Yours Truly’s debut album Self Care is out Friday September 18