Wendy’s Twitter account has gained online notoriety for their cruel and hard-hitting barbs, and now it’s the turn of Machine Gun Kelly.

Capitalism is a hellish rollercoaster and I want to get off. We live in a world where Hungry Jack’s Twitter thinks it’s your best mate and your favourite sports team think their job isn’t to update squad news but provide some ‘quality’ banter.

The image for the American fast food giants Wendy’s may be an innocent-looking redhead girl with cute pigtails but this front masks a straight-shooting killer.

Their Twitter account has dropped numerous enemies, including poor Dunkin’ Donuts. Now Machine Gun Kelly has been in the Wendy’s firing line, according to HotNewHipHop.

It all started when one fan hailed Wendy’s savageness, calling them one of the “Top 5 Things Eminem’s Afraid To Diss.” Wendy’s quickly responded, alluding to MGK’s beef with Slim Shady. “Please don’t make him do it, my pop punk album to recover after his diss isn’t ready,” they retorted.

Burn! Referencing the fact that many think MGK changed to pop punk on Tickets to My Downfall to escape Eminem’s gaze, it naturally prompted lots of joy from Eminem supporters.

Yet Wendy’s were quick to show that it was all in good jest. The account acknowledged that MGK’s Tickets to My Downfall contained some bangers. The album marked MGK’s debut at number one on the Billboard 200. “#1 album being a pop punk album is gonna do great things for the scene.”

Wendy’s wasn’t done there, showcasing their deep knowledge of the pop punk genre: “Meet Me @ The Altar, Stand Atlantic, Hot Mulligan, Grayscale, Knuckle Puck, nothing,nowhere., If I Die First is a great throwback sound. Tons more.”

Neither MGK or his representatives are yet to comment on Wendy’s throw down. It’s only a matter of time though. Forget the Rap Devil v Rap God. It’s time for MGK v WDY. It’s time for ‘Bad Things’ v Burger Things. We honestly can’t wait to hear MGK spitting lyrics about how much he loves Maccas in retaliation.

Check out ‘Bloody Valentine’ by Machine Gun Kelly: