Korean indie duo Wedance have announced Danceparty At Your Fingertips, a virtual tour comprising four performances across Australia.

One of the things that people often gloss over while discussing the Korean music scene is how vibrant the indie scene in Korea is. Often overshadowed by its more glittering counterpart, K-pop, the K-indie scene usually flourishes on the fringes, under free creative expression and live venues.

No one captures that frenetic energy of being able to do just whatever the hell you want better than Wedance (위댄스). Riding on the wave of their colorful, glitzy, yet homegrown pop sound, the two members of Wedance, Webo and Wegi, have established their own genre-less phantasmagoria over the course of 16 EPs and three full-length albums since they debuted in 2011.

Now, Wedance have become the first Korean artists to announce a national digital tour across Australia, bringing performances from their latest LP, Dance Pop, released earlier in July 2020. Starting with their track ‘Ironism (아이러니즘)’, the group will dive into songs from Dance Pop and reminisce some old classics.

The first two of their four performances are slated for Wednesday, October 21st and Thursday, October 22nd. The duo will join a special Dancing On The Farm BIGSOUND showcase, with a Q&A afterwards.

They will next be seen at Isol-Aid Festival on Saturday, 31st October, followed by an open session program at The Tivoli on Friday, November 20th, supporting Jaguar Jonze.

Check out ‘Ironism’ by Wedance:

Wedance Danceparty at Your Fingertips Digital Tour Dates

Wednesday, October 21st; Thursday, October 22nd
BIGSOUND – Dancing On The Farm Showcase & Q&A
Showcase time: TBA

Saturday, October 31st
Isol-Aid Festival
Performance time: TBA
Details: Isolaid

Friday, November 20th
(Supporting Jaguar Jonze) 
Open Session Program at The Tivoli
Time: 8.00pm
Tickets: The Tivoli