Taylor Swift teamed up with Netflix to release the Miss Americana documentary in January. The streaming service has now posted a clip of Swift and director Lana Wilson discussing the film’s production and the making of Lover.

While some detractors called the film a glorified PR exercise – which even led to the coining of the term documercial – the film wasn’t without its moments of genuine intrigue. Among these was the exclusive footage of Swift and producer Joel Little working on last year’s Lover.

“That was some of my favourite stuff that we filmed,” says Wilson. Swift and Little worked together on a number of tracks from the album including the singles ‘Me!’, ‘You Need to Calm Down’ and ‘The Man’. They also coordinated on ‘Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince’, which inspired the film’s title.

Listen: Taylor Swift – Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince

“That was the first time I’ve ever had a camera crew in the studio,” says Swift. “It’s always been really off-limits. It was actually amazing having you in the studio because we’d finish writing a song and a sound guy would be like [whispers] ‘that’s a really good song.’ I’d be like, ‘Thank you!'”

Swift breaks down the inspiration behind ‘The Man’. “That is a concept I’ve thought about for so many years, but I just always thought about, I want to say it in a way that’s like a satire. And it’s kind of funny, but it’s also making a very serious point,” she says.

Watch: Taylor Swift – The Man (lyric video)

Little won over the hearts of many viewers and Swift has nothing but praise for the New Zealander’s contributions and overall character. “[He] has two very strong, wonderful, intelligent young daughters, and I think he was writing for them,” she says. “And I love showing that we really do have allies in the male civilisation.”

Swift goes on to explain the state of mind she inhabits when writing songs, and her preferred working methods.

Watch: Taylor Swift and Lana Wilson | Miss Americana