You’ve got to see this American University band playing ‘Trees’ by Twenty One Pilots. It’s just so next level. Typical Americans.

There’s something unnerving and also grandiose about the scale of American school events. It’s like all the movies were under exaggerating if anything.

But what is more emo than a good old marching band? This American marching band rekindled the fires of our emo days by covering ‘Trees’ by our favourite rockers Twenty One Pilots.

Over the weekend, The Ohio State University Marching Band posted a video of their latest cover, which just so happens to be current Rock Sound cover stars Twenty One Pilots’ famous encore track ‘Trees’.

In the video posted to Twitter, the marching band shared “let us know if you need 200 backup musicians next time you play in Columbus”. It really doesn’t get any more wholesome than this.

Twenty One Pilots were so impressed with their effort, that they shared the video and posted it with the caption:

“the only reason why we would ever consider ourselves the second best band in the land”. We appreciate that they know when to concede in the face of defeat. Wholesome af.

In other absolutely joyous news, twenty one pilots frontman Tyler Joseph is having a baby, and he broke the news in an absolutely wholesome way.

During the band’s set at Lollapalooza in Berlin, Joseph brought his wife Jenna up on stage, where they announced that they were expecting a child.

“I know I said I’m bringing a couple of people on stage… and that’s true,” Tyler shared with the audience as his wife Jenna revealed her baby bump. 

Twenty One were also in the news recently for their stellar Oasis cover with Post Malone.

During the band’s set at Leeds Festival, they invited Posty on stage for a rendition of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? classic ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger.’ Malone assumed the duties of vocals and guitar, whilst Tyler held down the fort on piano. It was truly stunning stuff.