OK so real talk- you all know we at Don’t Bore Us love All Time Low. So we couldn’t justify reviewing Last Young Renegade ourselves, because we would be far from impartial (“5 STARS”, “ALBUM OF THE YEAR”, “AN ICONIC POP-PUNK ALBUM FOR THE AGES” etc etc).

But we also really wanted to cover it. What’s a media outlet to do? We debated for a week, and then our pals in up-and-coming Aussie pop-punk band Shorelines came to the rescue. They offered to review the album for us- and these guys know pop-punk.

Last Young Renegade

This is such a solid opening song to the new record. To be honest we were slightly worried this album was going to be such a big change that we wouldn’t be able to recognise it as an ATL record. But boy were we wrong, this songs sets the foundation for what is to become one of the best records these boys have ever released.

Drugs & Candy

Lyrically this song is a masterpiece. The dynamics of the first verse leading up to the chorus is so wonderfully written it paints an ambient scene for the listener. But as soon as the chorus engages, you are punched in the face with one of the best hooks we have heard from a release this year. This is the song you can listen to over and over again and get a different meaning out of it every time. Solid 11/10 from us.

Dirty Laundry

If you want to feel things, this song is for you. From what we have gathered, this song represents the fact that everybody has a past (whether it be good or bad), and acknowledges that everybody makes mistakes. But it is also about coming to terms with a person’s past and accepting that nobody is going to be perfect. The massive full band ending just screams pop punk, which is great because it shows they still have that influence there.

Good Times

Starting off slow then building up to a massive ending, this song shows all the classic ingredients of a Pop Punk ballad but with its own “Fueled By Ramen” twist on it. The clean vocals sit in front of a solid backing beat with a snare drum that will make your eardrums shake, it shows off perfectly the new sound that the band are chasing.


Here are finally the punchy drums and fast paced guitars we’ve all been searching for in this whole album! The intro is bringing back old school vibes from “So Wrong, It’s Right” which makes it a stand out from the first half of the album so far. With the super catchy chorus that makes us uncontrollably bob along and the beautifully recorded harmonies, this track takes us back to our All Time Low roots and we love it.

Life Of The Party

Life Of The Party is a personal favourite of ours. All Time Low completely embrace their new sound on this one and it absolutely shines. The stripped back, synth heavy verses feel like the beginning to a dance song but by each chorus you are smacked in the face with one of catchiest rock choruses that you will hear in a long time. This one is bound to get stuck in your head!


There’s something very vulnerable about this track, it’s quite a simple song in nature, but if you lose yourself in Alex’s vocals it’s very powerful. This track would definitely hit home with heaps of people still dealing with the repercussions of a troubled childhood. However, the song feels like it’s building to something bigger (like Dirty Laundry) but it doesn’t quite get there. This is either a missed opportunity or a welcomed change; depending on what you’re into.

Dark Side Of Your Room

To be honest, in the first verse we thought that this song was heading back to a more old All Time Low sound compared to the other songs, but once it hit the chorus we were proved quite wrong by the continuing synths. It’s also quite an empty song, but in a good way. The higher vocals definitely make it powerful and the melodies are catchy like always, but every time I hear “notches on your bedpost” I think of ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’ by Fall Out Boy.

Ground Control

Ground Control seems as if it needs to go somewhere it isn’t quite reaching. It’s a good song, but it just doesn’t really go anywhere special for us. We all agree that the featured artists take up quite a large part of the song and all up it is one of the more mainstream sounding tracks that the boys have written.


A really cool final track to the album although it seems like it should be in the middle of the tracklist. Alex’s voice does ‘Afterglow’ justice though in all of the parts and the energetic but airy vibes makes it an enjoyable tune to jam along to.


Killer album by All Time Low as per usual! We’d say that it started much stronger than it ended but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. All of the tracks are enjoyable to listen to, but our favourites are Drugs & Candy, Life Of The Party and Dirty Laundry. We hope to hear more soon from All Time Low as they venture into a new side of their genre!

Much love,
Harry, Dylan, Sean & Shaman from Shorelines xx

Make sure you give some love to our pals in Shorelines. They’re a band to keep an eye on (and clearly they have great taste in music). We like ’em. Check out the video for their single New Heights below: