It’s been nine years since MTV‘s Total Request Live went off air. It came to it’s end in November, 2008. The final performer was Beyoncé, and we can only assume that the team behind TRL essentially decided to pack it all in once Queen Bey herself graced the stage. Where do you go from there?

Well, the answer to the question ‘where do you go from there?’ is actually All Time Low. In the newly relaunched MTV format, All Time Low popped by the MTV studio to perform Good Times live.

Watch All Time Low perform Good Times live on MTV TRL:

They also had a chat, offering advice on aspiring musicians and talking about the message behind their new video for Good Times. The video itself is an important visual statement on the state of American society at the moment, and they expand on the theme of the video.

“We wanted to speak for young people in general and from all walks of life. It felt like a really good way to do it. The song reflected back to our high school days and leaving town for the very first time. We just wanted to present a story that spoke for people going through that now.”

Watch the full All Time Low interview below: