After a solid four years of waiting for new music from Thirty Seconds To Mars, we finally received the group’s new single ‘Walk On Water’ today. But when it rains it pours, with the group telling Aussie radio that they are “absolutely” coming back to our country next year.

While being interviewed by Fitzy & Wippa for Nova 969 today, frontman Jared Leto let the awesome news slip with a huge amount of excitement.

When asked if the group were set to return to Australian shores any time soon, Jared Leto responded with an enthusastic “I would say absolutely, fuck yes!”

“It’s been too long since we’ve been down under. We need to get back there and see you guys, we miss you,” said Leto. “We can’t wait, I mean, what an incredible country. And it’s always fun to go to a place that’s completely different and totally exotic to us, but we all speak the same language.”

“That’s kind of like this really cool thing, because we go all over the world into different places, but to go so far and then to just feel like you’re at home is amazing.”

Leto also clarified that while music and his band are his main focus currently, he hasn’t turned his back on his film career. So just in case you were worrying that a return of Thirty Seconds To Mars means less Jared Leto on our screens for a while, don’t worry, he’s not quite done with film just yet.

So while we sit and wait for Thirty Seconds To Mars to announce some much-anticipated tour dates of Australia, familiarise yourself with the group’s new single ‘Walk On Water’ below, so that you’ll be able to scream out all the words when they finally come back to us.