“Most of these songs sound the same to me.”

Never has the scene been more affronted in under 10 minutes.

In a new video from media company Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE), a group of teens had their knowledge of classic pop punk anthems tested for their clip ‘Do Teens Know 2000s Pop Punk Music?’ It did not go well.

The teenagers were played hit tracks like Paramore‘s ‘That’s What You Get’, Good Charlotte’s breakthrough hit ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’, and ‘Flavour of the Week’ by American Hi-Fi; none of which they recognised in full.

One person said of the tracks: “most of these songs sound the same to me”.

Another asked “Is it blink-182?” when Jimmy Eat World’s ‘The Middle’ played.

Another said, “I feel this is like every kid going through their emo phase in middle school” when they heard ‘Best of Me’ by The Starting Line.

It wasn’t all a horrific snub to the progenitors of pop punk though. Huge shout out to the guy who said: “I feel that emotion, that’s real,” after he first heard My Chemical Romance‘s ‘I’m Not Okay’

Watch the video out below:

If, like us, you now need to take a hot bath of emotion, we’d kick things off with out list of the 10 Most Iconic Emo/Pop Song Features of the 2000’s.

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