Sydney punks The Dead Love have unleashed their brand new single ‘My Friends’, a track that has both cured our iso-blues and left us yearning to see our friends. 

The Dead Love are heroes amongst the Australian music scene. Frontman Stevie Knight has produced some of our most beloved Australian records like Stand Atlantic’s Skinny Dipping, and Yours Truly’s Afterglow EP. ‘My Friends’ sees The Dead Love enlist the help of a bunch of muso friends and collaborators, to join forces on the ultimate missing your mates anthem.

Stand Atlantic, DZ Deathrays, Yours Truly, RedHook, Bakers Eddy, Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers, Columbus and more all join forces on the soaring rock track. The song culminates in a salient call-to-arms singalong, recorded by everyone featured in isolation:  “I miss my friends, and I miss how it used to be.”

Frontman Stevie Knight has explained that the track was born out of the frustration and loneliness that we’ve all undoubtedly felt during this chaotic time.

“The idea of the song came about four or five weeks into isolation lockdown. My girlfriend broke down in the kitchen, as she had maybe left the house once or twice during this whole period. I could see it was having a very real effect on her mental health,” Knight explains. “I called up my bandmates and got them to play their parts and send them to me. We also reached out to some friends in bands to sing on the track through their phones, which we embedded in the choruses and outro. I miss my friends, and I miss how it used to be.”

The track arrives with an accompanying music video, featuring cameos from all the band’s featured on the track over what looks to be a Zoom conference. It’s so unbelievable wholesome.

Check out ‘My Friends’ by The Dead Love

To celebrate the release of the track, The Dead Love put together a little Spotify playlist chock-a-block with their favourite tracks from each artist involved. They’ve also written a few words about 10 of their favourite tracks from each of them. So suss the playlist below and check out what they had to say.

Check out The Dead Love’s ‘My Friends’ Playlist

Stand Atlantic ‘Shh’

Man, this song packs a stack of punch and the chorus is frickn powerful. We toured with them on their “Skinny Dipping” album tour in Aus and had a blast! Known ’em forever, best people to be honest.

DZ Deathrays ‘Like People’

Really though..  what DZ song isn’t a huge winner, honestly! I chose this song because it has the dude from the wiggles in the video clip and the chorus is infectious. Also the most down to earth guys you’ll meet, another band that we’ve had the opportunity to play shows in Aus with. 

Columbus ‘Out of Time’

I will start off with saying there is definitely a lot of love between The Dead Love and Columbus. I personally (Stevie) have been a big fan since Home remedy EP. ‘Out Of Time’ is their new single and I swear I’ve thrashed this song in my speakers a bunch. The song’s meaning really resonates with you and you can feel your worry passing away with this song, go listen to it! 

Yours Truly ‘Circles’

Also dear friends of ours and honestly the nicest bunch of people you’ll meet. ‘Circles’ is what I would call a Feminism Anthem. The song has a powerful message and is a tour van favourite for sure!

Towns ‘Safe to Say’

This song is legit a bop! One of the bands favourite bands is Blink-182 and you can really hear the influence of them in this song and it slaps! We haven’t had a chance to properly get to know these guys yet, but we hit it off at Bigsound 2019 and can’t wait to hang out with this duo again. 

Bakers Eddy ‘Leave It To Me’

Our friends from NZ, we took Bakers Eddy on tour a few years back and honestly had the greatest time with them, they’re absolute legends! And I frickin love this song!! The energy that this band has live is outstanding, they bounce off each other in all the right ways. If you have a chance to see them live after iso, I’d highly recommend going to do just that. 

Redhook ‘Fake’

Again super tight with RedHook and have so for like 5 or more years. I love this song because it speaks the truth about their experience on tour with a band giving them sh!t. They’re a super-powerful band, so yea respect for being able to turn a sh!t sandwich into a frickn hit!!!

Voiid ‘Bug’

This choon is true grunge banger, super nostalgic and the message is strong, again another feminist anthem and VOIID just keep bringing them out of the bad!! To be honest, I think this band is gonna blow up very soon. A lot of love for this Brisbane band. 

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers ‘I Like That You Like That’

I get mad Cure vibes from this song and I flippin love The Cure! This band just came out of nowhere and started winning over the music communities hearts. We hung out briefly with one of them when we played Tassie’s ‘Party in the Paddock’ festival and they’re legends. Looking forward to seeing what comes of them.