Whilst the members of One Direction are all currently enjoying fruitful and successful solo careers, blessing us with a multitude of bangers and tours, we’re constantly waiting in the hope of one day witnessing the five boys on stage together once again.

In a recent interview, Liam Payne spilt some serious goss surrounding the possibility of a One Direction reunion, leaving fans in awe as he said, “I think it will happen at some point in the future.”

“We’ve all spoken ’bout it,” he said. “The dream is for this most fantastic show that could be, it’s amazing!”

Watch it below:

The still very active Directioner world since, has gone into complete meltdown mode – when is some point in the future? They’ve “spoken about” it, so what could possibly be planned? So. Many. Questions.

To curb your impatience while we wait for the legendary boy band to reunite, here are some of the greatest and most creative reactions found on Twitter in response to the rumour. One nifty fan also managed to point out that today marks 8 years since Niall auditioned for X-Factor – could the stars be aligning? Mercury in retrograde did end yesterday….

Check them out: