So many of us grew up with Taylor Swift. Throughout any momentous occasion, there was always a Taylor song that resonated with what you were feeling – your first day at school, your first love, getting heartbroken (I am of firm belief that there is a TS song for every form of breakup one could possibly go through). Last night, Sydney got to witness the culmination of years of hard work and six incredible ground-breaking albums.

On Friday night tens of thousands of Sydney-siders gathered in ANZ Stadium to dance in a storm in their best dresses (FEARLESS) at Taylor’s third Australian Reputation show and not for one minute did the pouring rain or electrical storm dampen anyone’s excitement.

Opening was NZ duo Broods, with lead singer Georgia pumping up the crowd with her incredible hip-swinging dance moves and killer vocals. Next up was  Charli XCX, who played all of her biggest bangers – from “Dirty Sexy Money” to “Fancy”. We got all the hits that weren’t played at her Pop2 concert.

After an hour delay due to weather and safety concerns, the sounds of Joan Jett’s “Reputation” blasted through the stadium. Swifties were then blessed with the triumphant entrance of Taylor to the stage.

She kicked off the show with her Reputation banger “Ready For It…”, and did not hold back, fireworks and streams of flames were literally shot into the air. She strutted and danced with the ease and confidence of a performer who knows how to put on an incredible show.

The setlist was heavy on tracks from Reputation – Swift threw the full force of her sass in to performances of songs like “I Did Something Bad”, “Look What You Made Me Do”, and ‘End Game”. However she also peppered in some of her older bops which have stood the test of time. From her earliest tunes like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me”, to her recent pop anthems “Style” and “Shake It Off”, Swift proved she is already a musical icon of the 21st Century with a back-catalogue of hits to prove it.

You couldn’t fault Swift’s pure excitement and thrill to be there, performing for her Sydney fans for the first time in three years, and after this live performance, it is clear to see why her fans keep coming back to her each time. Drenched from the very start but never complaining, the way she moved was like a full-on rainstorm (and that is three Taylor-rain lyric drops for all of you counting at home)!

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