The highly anticipated Billie Eilish documentary The World’s A Little Blurry may have only premiered a few days ago, but it is already making some serious waves. 

The doco has received universal acclaim among critics and fans alike for its measured, authentic portrayal of one of music’s biggest (and youngest) stars.

In fact, it seems the only complaint about the film thus far has been its mammoth runtime of two hours and 20 minutes.

Just in case you haven’t yet had time to catch the entire thing, or if you’d just like a refresher, we’re collated some of the main takeaways from the revealing doco.

Although some of the information might not be new to hardcore Billie stans, it’s safe to say that the rather notoriously private singer has now shared more about her personal life than ever before.

Without further ado, here are five of the biggest takeaways from the Billie Eilish documentary The World’s A Little Blurry:

Billie managed to hide the fact she was in a relationship from the whole world

Yep, despite being one of the most famous people on the planet, Billie managed to keep the fact she was in a relationship for much of 2018 and 2019 under wraps… until now. While she usually remains pretty hush-hush when it comes to dating, her now ex-boyfriend Brandon Quention ‘Q’ Adams features throughout the documentary.

The film doesn’t shy away from depicting their problems, which seemed to stem from Q’s reluctance to make time for Billie. By the end of the film, Billie explains that they broke up because she “just wasn’t happy.”

I didn’t want the same things he wanted and I don’t think that’s fair for him… I don’t think you should be in a relationship super excited about things that the other person couldn’t care less about,” she said.

Billie was really, really obsessed with Justin Bieber

Okay, so Billie’s Justin Bieber fandom has already been well-documented, but the film really proves how next level her devotion was. In fact, her mother Maggie Baird revealed that she even considered sending a young Billie to therapy at one point to help her deal with her obsession.

“There were days, driving her to dance class and thinking, ‘How are we going to cope with this?’ She’s just lovesick. Desperately in love with Justin Bieber,” said Maggie.

One of the doco’s most touching scenes shows Billie being overcome by emotion when meeting Justin at Coachella, so much so that she could only cry as they hugged.

“I know his face. I know everything about him. He was born in St. Jude’s Hospital on March 1st at 12:56 a.m. on the second floor,” said Billie after their encounter.

“He came over to me and I ran away from him. He just stood there and looked at me with his eyes… I literally cried in his arms for five minutes. Every time I [sobbed], he’d feel it and squeeze me tighter.”

It’s a good thing that the pair got along well, given that Justin slid into Billie’s DMs to propose a collaboration three days before her album was released, which she of course agreed to.

Billie didn’t recognise Orlando Bloom when she met him

In sharp contrast to her starstruck reaction to meeting Justin Bieber, Billie was decidedly chill when Orlando Bloom approached her at Coachella because she… didn’t know who he was.

In one of the film’s most amusing moments, Billie met both Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom backstage just prior to her set. Although Orlando showered her in praise, it was only later when her brother Finneas mentioned that they met Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean that she realised who he was.

“That guy? Was him?! No way! I thought that was just some dude that Katy Perry met!” she said and honestly, talk about a power move.

Billie used to dance 12 hours a week before injury forced her to quit

Midway through the documentary, Billie reveals that she suffered a hip injury when she was 13 that stopped her from becoming a serious dancer. After she tore her growth plate, she stopped taking her regular dance lessons and ceased dancing altogether.

Although the hip injury isn’t the only ailment Billie has suffered from, it appears to be the one that has plagued her the most both physically and mentally. In the film, she opens up about feeling “broken”, revealing that she’s had to give up “everything [she’s] ever loved.” 

“My body is always going to be broken, even if I heal it… it will have been broken a million times,” she said. 

“If something breaks a bunch of times it’s broken. Even if you fix it, it’s still been broken.”

Content Warning: The following section addresses depression and self-harm. 

If you or someone you know is affected by the following story, you are not alone. To speak to someone, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Billie struggled with self-harm when she was in her early teens

Following her hip injury, Billie reveals in the doco that she began struggling with depression which led to her experiencing self-harm.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t think I would make it to this age,” she said.

“I was, like, 14-15. I had razors hidden in places, and I had Band-Aids hidden in the little corner of my room. And I always had Band-Aids on my wrists. I was literally locking myself in the bathroom and making myself bleed ’cause I thought I deserved it.”

Much to everyone’s relief, it appears that Billie is in a much better place now mentally. Reflecting on it all at the end of the film, she declared that “life is good.”

“I’m nominated for six Grammys. I have my dream car. My relationship with my family is good. I am pretty, somewhat. I am famous! As fuck,” she said with a laugh.

Check out the trailer for the Billie Eilish documentary The World’s A Little Blurry

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