After a breakout 2018, Sydney pop-punkers Stand Atlantic is back with one hell of a new sing-a-long.

Keeping their trademark pop-punk sound, with some added synth flair, front-woman Bonnie Fraser is as powerful as ever with a powerful and hella catchy performance.

The best part, however, is the acoustic outro, which comes out of nowhere and is equally heartbreaking and beautiful.

Check out the song, accompanied by one hell of a colour kaleidoscope themed video, below.

Stand Atalntic took a huge leap forward 18 months ago when they signed to legendary punk label Hopeless Records, and the hype train well and truly left the station when they dropped their debut LP Skinny Dipping last year.

Image result for Stand Atlantic liveThe band have been tearing it up on the world stage recently

Add onto this a huge touring schedule, as well as a collab with Alex Lahey,  and we’re surprised the band even found the time to drop a new song.

You can catch the band pretty much anywhere in Europe from the start of next year, and we’re pretty confident we can expect some Aus dates soon too. Find all their tour details here.