Central Coast pop punk trio Short Stack are back. At least, we think they’re back.

Google “Short Stack” and the band’s official website will show up first in the search results. Now take a look at the site’s meta description. “‘Sandy’ out March 13,” it says. As it stands the band has no releases called ‘Sandy’. So we’re pretty certain this means the Central Coast pop punkers and former teen heart throbs are making a comeback next month.

This isn’t the only clue, either. The band hasn’t issued a tweet since 2016, but there’s been some mysterious account alterations in the past 24 hours. Namely, they’ve blacked out their cover photo and profile picture. It’s fair to guess the trio of Shaun Diviney, Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb are wiping the slate clean ahead of unveiling a new look and a new life as Short Stack.

Watch: Short Stack – Sway Sway Baby

On Sunday, frontman Diviney told fans to be online tomorrow night (which would mean tonight, February 3). He’s since deleted the tweet, but we imagine he’s sitting back lapping up all the speculation.

Short Stack rose up through Myspace in the mid-to-late ’00s. By 2009, they were on the road with artists like the Veronicas, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. Their debut album Stack Is the New Black came out in August of that year, making it all the way to #1 on the ARIA charts.

Watch: Short Stack – Planets

This is Bat Country followed in 2010, but by March 2012 the band had broken up. “If you try to recapture yesterday you will only lose tomorrow,” they wrote in a Facebook statement at the time. They then attempted to recapture yesterday with the post-breakup record Art Vandelay (2013) and a brief reunion in 2015, which spawned the album Homecoming.

As for what the band’s been up to since Homecoming came out, well Diviney’s become a pretty successful real estate agent (we shit you not). Keep your eyes peeled for more Short Stack 3.0 updates.