Get out your red, yellow and orange hair dye and skinny jeans! After four (VERY) long years, Paramore are back with their fifth studio album, ‘After Laughter’. So what’s different? Jeremy’s gone, Hayley’s blonde, Zac’s back after leaving the band in 2010 and Taylor… well, he’s still Taylor. I should point out two things:

1. I am totally biased when it comes to Paramore. I’ve been a fan of them since spotting the flame haired front woman in a copy of Kerrang! almost 10 years ago and remembering I just HAD to have ‘All We Know Is Falling’ play on repeat. Since then, I have sported every hairstyle Hayley has had and needed numerous trips to the chiropractor after attempting, and failing miserably at head banging.

2. At first listen, I wasn’t sure how to take this album. Again, huge fan who was used to their rock/pop/emo/punk style of music, so if you were to tell 16 year old me that ten years from now, Paramore would release an 80’s inspired synth pop record with dark lyrics disguised with infectious upbeat tunes, I would laugh in your face and continue filling out my MySpace Top 8.

So here are my track-by-track thoughts on Paramore’s new album, ‘After Laughter’.

Hard Times

You almost forget how deep the lyrics are as they are saturated with an upbeat synth-pop sound. This is the track you have on repeat as you dance around your house (or in public, no judgments) copying Hayley’s sick choreography whilst lip-syncing intensely. If you haven’t seen the video (total judgment!) go and check it out. The video made me fall even more in love with this band.
If you liked lyrics from: Now, Looking Up, Hallelujah

Rose-Colored Boy

“Low key, no pressure. Just hang with me and my weather” Right from the get go, if you’re not body rolling with pom-poms to this catchy as hell tune then I don’t know what you’re listening to! Fun fact: if you put the above lyrics in your Tinder profile, you will get a lot of sleazy confused offers.

If you liked lyrics from: Hello Cold World, Ain’t It Fun, Grow Up

Told You So

Another lyrically dark track, disguised with a contradictory sound, Told You So has an incredible, artsy music video to support this bop… and, the band are wearing matching berets, cute right?! This song has a funky bass sound that you can’t help but move along to, whilst wishing you could pull off a beret.

If you liked lyrics from: Ignorance, Turn It Off, Born For This


I NEED to know who this song is about! Is it about Jeremy leaving the band? Is Josh back in the picture? There are so many questions a simple Google search could tell me, but I like to live with the false hope that one day, maybe one day, they could reconcile their differences, but for now, I’ll simply enjoy this dreamy tune.

If you liked lyrics from: All We Know, Monster, I’m Not Angry Anymore

Fake Happy

The way Hayley says “teeth” in the pre chorus makes me so excited for the live version. Hayley’s true emotions, insecurities and thoughts come out in these lyrics and I love it because she presents herself as this strong, bubbly personality on stage but deep down she is just like the rest of us. She needs a hug!

If you liked lyrics from: Careful, Playing God, Escape Route


The song that gives you goosebumps and makes you want to cry. I can picture the tears, the lights and the swaying at the concert already. The classic ballad is a staple on every Paramore album and this one does not disappoint.

If you liked lyrics from: Misguided Ghosts, Last Hope, Daydreamer


The only real love song on the album, only, it’s about an imperfect love. Hayley married Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory in 2016 so you can be forgiven for being disappointed there is no ‘Only Exception’ or ‘Still Into You’ type tracks on the album. But if you’re single like me, you’re thanking Paramore for it.

If you liked lyrics from: Here We Go Again, Proof, (One Of Those) Crazy Girls


This is the song for when you run into an old friend or lover and decide to get back in touch. It actually makes me want to call up people from my past. Oh wait, I’ve just remembered the track ‘Forgiveness’… Never mind, I’ll stay bitter #nottodaysatan

If you liked lyrics from: Playing God, I’m Not Angry Anymore, Now

Caught In The Middle

A song about depression disguised in a ska-like sound. If the lyrics “I don’t need your help, I can sabotage me by myself’ were around during the MySpace days, it would be every scene kids screen name.

If you liked lyrics from: Pressure, Ain’t It Fun, Turn It Off

Idle Worship

Oh no! Like a lot of you, I have put Hayley on a pedestal. This is her way of saying, “Guys, I shouldn’t be your hero. You’re putting unrealistic pressure on me and it’s getting to me. Please stop. Like, seriously though”. I’m still keeping my shrine of her but next time we meet, maybe I’ll pull it back a notch or two.

If you liked lyrics from: Pressure, We Are Broken, My Hero (Foo Fighters cover)

No Friend

No, friend. You don’t have to adjust your speakers. The song features Aaron Weiss (mewithoutyou) spoken words that lead into beautiful poetry and is the first Paramore song to not feature Hayley. It is a somewhat continuation of ‘Idle Worship’ with odes to ‘Pool’. Have a read of the lyrics. Very deep thoughts!

If you liked lyrics from: Brick By Boring Brick, Part II, Future

Tell Me How

Much like a sad Taylor Swift song, this is a track that makes you want to look at a window on a raining evening as you dramatically lip sync, thinking about someone you shouldn’t be.

If you liked lyrics from: All I Wanted, Rewind, Breathe