Sydney synth-rock duo Retrograde are back with their new single “I Don’t Wanna Dance”, and boy is it a zesty nugget of hooks.

“I Don’t Wanna Dance” was produced by Dylan Nash, who has worked with a bunch of our favourite artists like Dean Lewis and Everchange. It’s a masterclass in jaunty pop perfection. Carved with sleek hooks, distorted guitar lines and swag-drenched vocals. It’s a bloody delight.

Vocalist Samuel Edward has delved into the song’s meaning, explaining I wanted this song to hone in on the negative side of my thoughts while staying accessible. Without giving too much away, this song has a lot more to it than the title alone implies.”

Retrograde will be bringing their live sound to the people of Sydney soon. Tour dates to be announced this Friday, so keep your eyes peeled.

The song is streaming on Spotify now, check it out below: