Since 2009, Florida-based post-hardcore outfit Sleeping With Sirens have been infiltrating the music scene with their to-die-for vocals, and absolutely kicking beats. How well can you recall their lyrics, though?

Composed of frontman, and angel vocalist, Kellin Quinn, bassist Justin Hills, guitarist Jack Fowler, and guitarist Nick Martin, the post-hardcore group also features touring drummer Matty Best, and backing vocalist Alex Howard.

Hitting the scene in 2010 with their debut album, With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear, Sleeping With Sirens slowly came into the mainstream, and quickly jumped to the top of playlists with their 2011 album Let’s Cheers To This, featuring the massive ‘If You Can’t Hang’.

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Sirens checking in. Who’s listening to How It Feels to Be Lost? Anybody want new music?

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With Kellin Quinn at the helm, an impressive and insane vocal range leads the band, while the musicians round out the collective, turning them into a solid work of art.

2013 saw them release Feel, which rocked as their highest chart topping album at number three in the U.S. charts. Only two years after, the band dropped their 2015 album Madness.

They’ve since followed the two-years-between-albums trend, seeing 2017 with Gossip, and 2019 with How It Feels To Be Lost.

Will they continue their pattern of release, and set out to release some new tunes come 2021? Only time will tell. In the mean time, we can listen, listen, and re-listen to the stacked discography they boast.

Even though we’re already keen for new music, take a trip back over the last decade, and see if you can remember all of Sleeping With Sirens lyrics. We promise, some will be easy!

How well do you know the lyrics from Sleeping With Sirens?