U.S. pop-punk outfit We The Kings has been rocking it since 2007 with their self-titled album alongside a packed discography. How well do you know their lyrics?

Forming back in 2005, the four original members claimed their name after becoming friends at Martha B. King Middle School in Bradenton, Florida, hence We The Kings.

Composed of frontman Travis Clark, and all of his red hair, brothers Hunter and Drew Thomsen on the guitar and bass, and drummer Danny Duncan, the quartet quickly caught the spotlight with their self-titled album released in 2007.

With absolute bangers like ‘Check Yes Juliet’, ‘Skyway Avenue’, and ‘Secret Valentine’, every kid on the pop-punk scene definitely had a copy of their debut album, and probably overplayed it a time or two.

Only two years after their first album, We The Kings were at it again with new tunes, releasing Smile Kid. The album featured Disney star Demi Lovato singing alongside Clark in ‘We’ll Be A Dream’, pushing the song into regular rotation at numerous radio stations nationwide.

Sticking to a two-year wait between albums, the band was at it again releasing Sunshine State Of Mind in 2011. Again, the album received heavy play through multiple radio stations for its song ‘Say You Like Me’. Unfortunately, this was the last album that included bassist Drew Thomsen.

Luckily, We The Kings didn’t stay away for long after their lineup change, adding YouTube star Charles Trippy as bassist, and Coley O’Toole as keyboards and rhythm guitar. Their fourth album Somewhere Somehow released in 2013, this time independently produced through a crowd funding effort.

Furthermore, the outfit went on to two more studio albums Strange Love and Six, while also releasing two nostalgia-esque albums: Stripped and Self-Titled Nostalgia.

With so many great albums tucked into their discography, we wonder how well you can recall the lyrics written by We The Kings. Take our quiz below and find out!

Can you remember lyrics from We The Kings?