Ask anyone who was alive in the mid-2000s, and they will tell you that Fall Out Boy’s 2005 hit ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’ was such a massive influence on the pop-punk scene. Now, we’re wondering how well you can recall the lyrics?

Featured as one of the singles from their 2005, sophomore album From Under The Cork Tree, the song has been played a massive, incredible 373,000,000+ times on Spotify, and boasts an insane 95 million views via their YouTube.

As troubadours of the pop-punk music scene, although many fans will argue that their best hit tunes lie in their olden days of both From Under The Cork Tree and 2003’s debut album Take This To Your Grave, Fall Out Boy have managed to keep fans entertained and enthralled with a total of seven studio albums to their name.

The Chicago-based collective didn’t just bring good music to the emo scene in the mid-2000’s, but influenced a lifestyle of heavy eyeliner (for both girls and boys), and caused many fans to fall head-over-heels for the dreamboats in the band, including (of course), frontman Patrick Stump, and bassist Pete Wentz.

Even though they’ve gone on to do many more albums, and songs, since their mid-2000s start, their first two albums always hold close to listeners hearts, with many of us being able to shout out the lyrics in rapid fire, without missing a single word.

With that being said, we wonder if you’ll be able to recall all the lyrics from the 2005 hit, and be able to claim the title of being the ultimate Fall Out Boy fan – well, at least the ultimate ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’ fan. Are you up for the challenge? If so, take this quiz, and wear your title with pride.

How well can you remember the lyrics to Fall Out Boy’s ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’?