Dyed and teased hair, heaps of eyeliner, the skinniest of skinny jeans, band t-shirts, and (of course) MySpace, the ’00s were prime time for scene kids. How scene were you?

I’ll admit it: the ’00s were my jam, and I was definitely a ‘scene queen’. I had this ridiculous haircut that made me look like a combination of a peacock, racoon, and poodle, accompanied with enough hairspray to kill off the planet.

My eyeliner was as heavy and as dark as it comes, I wore the skinniest of jeans that money could buy, and I decked myself out in as much Hello Kitty as I possibly could.

My days were spent by endlessly teasing my hair, taking an obscene amount of selfies (at just the right angle with my digital camera), and taking to photoshop to make them as ridiculously edited as I could.

Then, I’d spend the rest of the day parked at the family computer (located in the computer room, of course), and take to MySpace.

First task of the day? Accepting all the friend requests I received overnight from the ‘whore trains’ I was apart of. Yep, I had my photo along with my handle smeared across so many bulletins in the hope of getting more scene kid friends.

After that, I’d start up my own bulletin where I was either asking for pc4pc (picture comment for picture comment), or raving about the latest band I saw in concert, y’know, in the company of my parents because I was still like 14.

Besides MySpace, I would shut myself in my room and blast as much scene music as I possibly could. My Chemical Romance, Mayday Parade, A Day To Remember – didn’t matter what, as long as the lyrics left me as angsty and moody as possible.

So, did you live a typical scene kid life like I did? Are you proud that it’s the ‘rawring twenties’ once again? Take our quiz below to see if you were a scene queen, too! If you were, we were probably friends on MySpace back in the day.

How much of a scene kid were you?

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