They fuelled our emo days with their songs of relationship troubles, but how well do you really know pop-punk icons Mayday Parade?

If you’ve ever had a relationship go sour, or sought after a long-lost crush, then the chances are high that you’ve listened to a Mayday Parade song, or two. With frontman Derek Sanders at the helm, you’re never short of lyrics that will leave you weeping or feeling those intense emo vibes.

I should know, my teenage and young adult years saw me playing their beautiful music nearly non-stop. With my A Lesson In Romantics CD completely scratched to bits due to overplay, and my Anywhere But Here and self-titled Mayday Parade showing signs of wear, it’s fair to say that their songs do the heart good, or at least helped me get over an ex.

Even though they’ve moved past their angsty, relationship driven years to produce albums like Monsters In The ClosetBlack Lines, and Sunnyland, and have recently released a new single titled ‘It Is What It Is’, many of their fans hold their formative years as some of the best.

With their live shows being completely unparalleled when it comes to the thickness of emotions, throngs of fans seem to go nuts for those early songs they still include in their set list.

Although we all know that their music is literally some of the best pop-punk music still available, we wonder if your fangirling goes past their albums. Do you know how their lineup has changed over the years? Can you remember how many music videos they’ve made? And, do you even realised the sheer amount of albums they’ve sold over their career?

If you fancy yourself as the one with the ultimate knowledge, take our quiz below and see just how much you know about Mayday Parade.

Are you the top fan of Mayday Parade?