Earlier this year we had the privilege of premiering AViVA‘s debut single GRRRLS. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been jamming this absolute bop non-stop since then. And we have good reason to think you are jamming this non-stop given that it’s already had over 1.6 million streams since we premiered it last month.

We had a chat to AViVA about the single, and she told us  “this song is about not fitting in and not wanting to fit in.  Sometimes that can be really isolating but once you own it… it’s empowering.  I think at some point everyone feels like they have to fight, just to be heard, let alone understood.”. And honestly? That’s such a big mood. In fact, we’re gonna call it- this is the mood of 2017.

The team behind AViVA have a pretty extensive history of working with the big bands that we love in the scene, too. This list includes Ken Andrews, who has worked with some of our favs like Paramore and The Naked and Famous, and Matt Colton who has most famously worked with Muse and Coldplay. This track in particular was produced by Jean-Paul Fung, who has worked with Silverchair and Last Dinosaurs. So there’s some serious star power behind this amazing lead-single.

We LOVE AViVA, so we are excited to be able to premiere the amazing video that goes along with GRRRLS! Working with music video master Jefferton James they have created a glimpse into her world of the Metropolis. Transporting viewers into a dystopian nightmare this clip reveals a new dimension to AViVA. That’s enough from us- get amongst it right now.

Check out AViVA’s GRRRLS below: