Constantly fusing styles and pushing the creative boundaries of what it meant to be in a pop punk band, Fall Out Boy are undoubtedly one of the genre’s most influential acts to date. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the band opened up about their legacy as an enduring act who refuse to ride off coat tails of their nostalgia factor as well as their place in the emo scene.

Being the open and unapologetic book that he is Patrick, got incredibly candid about their reputation back in the day’s of ‘Dead On Arrival’ moshpits and sidewards black beanies.

“None of the emo bands messed with us. They hated us. They wouldn’t tour with us.”

It is hard to believe Fall Out Boy were once ostracised from a scene they eventually became the enduring kings of, with this reveal only making the lyrics of ‘Thriller’ hit that much harder.

The band also opened up about the nostalgia that permeates the greater emo fanbase.

“I’m going to sound like a jerk, but we are still doing the band and making records – we are not on a 10-year-anniversary tour. We are still an active band. That is not an easy thing to do.”

Since their return from hiatus in 2013, Fall Out Boy have released some of their most triumphant  tracks to date. Songs like ‘The Kid’s Aren’t Alright’ and ‘Alone Together’ hold up against classic tracks with paralleled might and power – a true a testament to how unique

FOB also got candid about the writing process of MANIA which proved quite difficult and trying at times.

“I was like, ‘I don’t think this is something the four of us will like, I don’t think it’s something the label is going to like. It doesn’t sound like Fall Out Boy. Oh, God, I can’t turn this in.'”

The tracks released thus far from MANIA are ecclectic with a total classic Fall Out Boy twist – only 50 days until we’re treated to what could possibly be AOTY 2018.

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