It’s hard to believe there are people who dwell the Earth that deny themselves the pleasure of enjoying the jubilant sounds of Paramore. Elton John, one of music’s most influential and iconic figures seems to be indulging

While Beats 1 radio last week, the icon revealed that he’s a massive Paramore fan, naming After Laughter as one of the most underrated albums of the year.

“Probably one of the most underrated albums of last year. It should’ve been a huge album. They can be really proud of that album. It was a fabulous record, and if you haven’t heard it, go buy it now!”

Hayley Williams took to Twitter to express her excitement at the sentiment, asking if the singer (who’s performed at Royal Weddings and basically every landmark musical event of the last 40 years) to come to a Paramore show. Hearing that your heroes are aware of your music would lead to an extreme level of excitement, but knowing they’ve heard and appreciated it, well that’s just an upper echelon of insanity.

Aside from releasing some of the most genre-bending, generation transcending anthems of all time, you’ll probably recognize Elton John from Fall Out Boy’s track Save Rock N Roll, which he also appeared in the video for.

Could Paramore’s new album feature an epic collaboration between the two? We could only hope, Hayley and Elton’s distinct voices would make for an extremely epic ballad.