Last night (well, earlier today for us Aussies), Panic! At The Disco played a surprise show at The Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and needless to say, we’re TOTALLY BUMMED that we couldn’t be there. But in addition to the pretty cool stuff that went down, we also discovered today that Panic! have themselves a new bass player, and fans are absolutely loving this new addition to the band.

When Panic! first announced this surprise gig, one of the main questions that fans were asking was, “Who’s going to be Dallon Weekes’ replacement?” This was, of course, a rather pertinent question considering that Weekes left the group back in December, leaving the band without a touring bass player.

But now, we have an answer, because as OnDMC have noted, Panic! At The Disco’s new bass player is named Nicole Row, and she absolutely shreds.

Of course, we aren’t too sure if Nicole is set to be a permanent touring member, or if she’s done some recording on Panic!’s new album, but what we do know so far is that the fans in attendance at the band’s recent show are totally in love with Nicole. Just check out these Tweets:

Most surprisingly though, it seems as though the group’s surprise shows aren’t quite done yet, because as Radio 104.5 notes, the group could be playing another show this week in New Jersey. Apparently, some flyers were being handed out by a bunch of people dressed as nuns (in keeping with the #PrayForTheWicked theme), which singles out Asbury Park, New Jersey as a location.

A flyer supposedly handed out at Panic! At The Disco's secret show in Ohio

Radio 104.5 notes that this gig is probably going to happen on Wednesday, March 21st due to the date on the flyer, but as we discovered from last night’s gig, it seems that Panic! are set to perform on The Tonight Show on that date.

So will there be a pretty quick turnaround for them to find their way over to New Jersey for this next secret show? Will there even be a secret show? We’ll have to wait and see, but we can say with certainty that fans will be lining up in droves to see this stellar lineup which now includes the incomparable Nicole Row.