Miley Cyrus enlisted the help of some of the most iconic names in rock to contribute to her latest, glam-rock indebted record, Plastic Hearts.

If you haven’t already listened to it, stop what you’re doing, don’t read another word I write, open up your streaming service of choice and prepare for the ultimate sad disco for one. It’s camp and glorious and so unrelentingly fun.

If you have listened to it then you’ll be well across the smorgasbord of collaboration Miley blessed us with. From the ‘Edge of Midnight’ with Fleetwood Mac’s witchy goddess Stevie Nicks, to ‘Night Crawling’ with Billy Idol, to ‘Bad Karma’ with Joan Jett and Angel Olsen. It’s an ode to the golden era of rock’n’roll.

Miley has taken to Instagram to share a heartfelt thank you to all those that helped bring Plastic Hearts to life. “To my fucking idols Joan Jett, Billy Idol and Stevie Nicks,” she wrote.

“Your blessing, guidance, inspiration , and validation mean everything to me. Even though you 3 would tell me I do not need validation from anyone but my fucking self. The confidence I have in who I am / what I am doing stems from the values instilled by looking up to you as my role models from the beginning.”

“JJ, I have you to thank for my love of leather, playing music at an unholy level of loud, and my uncompromising sense of self,” Cyrus wrote of Joan Jett. “I fucking love you.”

She then went on to thank Stevie Nicks, who allowed her to interpolate the melody of her 1981 classic ‘Edge of Seventeen’ in Miley’s soaring comeback single ‘Midnight Sky’. “Your words have been coming out of my mouth since I can remember …. but mine flowing from yours is still surreal. Your generosity is unrivaled. Thank you for lending your magic! I am forever your “smiley baby”…. I love you,” she wrote.

And finally, gave kudos to the inimitable Billy Idol. “We’ve been “rebel yelling” since 2012 when I brought a photo of you to the salon and said ‘I wanna look like that’. You are brazen, bold, unapologetic, and authentic in a way that is my honor to witness . I appreciate you deeply.”

Miley Cyrus released her seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, on November 27th. Check out our track-by-track breakdown here.

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