Matty Healy of The 1975 has recently shared his desires to produce a Taylor Swift acoustic record on Neil Griffiths’ podcast The Green Room on Monday. 

The conversation came about when Healy began talking about his position in pop music. He said many fellow pop acts “aren’t really saying anything about the world, about themselves, or about the world”. He said that’s why it’s apparent to him that he needs to use his “cultural position” for good.

We found about the podcast after Neil Griffith himself posted this sweet pic with Matty Healy on his Instagram.

Healy started the conversation by saying: “The thing is, they’ll wait until something’s been work-shopped … enough to feel like they’re making a statement when they’re not,” he said about the pop star’s turn to activism.

“That Taylor Swift song about supporting gay people didn’t come out six years ago. It didn’t. It came out when we all kind of knew that, or not that we knew that because there’s a long way to go for gay, bi, queer and trans people in this world, but culture has caught up. … At that point, you pretty (much) know that you’re kind of not really making a statement.”

However, he praised mainstream pop musicians for being able to reach so many people with their music. He spoke specifically about Swift, and his drive to create music with her.

“I would never slag Taylor off, I think Taylor’s amazing,” he said. “And Taylor, I want to produce your next album.”

His comments regarding the pop star came after he spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple’s Beats 1 about his desire for Swift to create a minimal yet effective full-length record like Bruce Spingsteen’s Nebraska.

“Taylor Swift doing an acoustic record?” Healy said. “I can’t consider a report that may promote greater than that. Like, Taylor Swift’s intimate return to nation. After all, you’d wanna produce that! She’s gonna sit on that concept, however Taylor, should you ever need somebody that can assist you arrange the mics in your acoustic report, simply so, I’m there.”

We recently caught The 1975 live, and they were absolutely phenomenal. You can check out our snaps from the concert below.