Rap troubadour turned pop-punk prodigy Machine Gun Kelly has come under fire after delivering an expletive-filled rant about the state of “rockstars” and their uninspired fashion choices.

MGK recently sat down with Spotify as part of their Rock This segment. The appearance saw him lay down his thesis that “the state of rock and roll depends on rockstars.”

“The state of rock and roll depends on rockstars,” Machine Gun Kelly explained. “I gotta see some ‘fuck you,’ I have to. I want some attitude, dude.”

MGK then went on the vex his grievances on the state of the drip among the pop-punk scene, aiming his vitriol at the choice of footwear donned by artists that played Warped Tour.

“This is what I fucking hate. I did Warped Tour and these [people] would wear comfortable shoes onstage every day. Fuck your Nike fucking New Balances comfy shoes because it makes you feel comfortable,” he shared.

“Put on some Dr. Martens, put on some fucking Chucks, put on some Vans. It’s not about you, it’s about the show. You don’t look cool, man. I hate your fucking feet, I hate your fucking shoes, I hate everything about your-rock and roll’s not comfortable, it’s uncomfortable. It’s a metaphor. Your shoes are a metaphor, fuck you.”

Naturally, a number of musicians took umbrage with MGK’s rant. The interview incited a Twitter hurricane that ranged from profound takes on navigating a career in music when money is an obstacle, to beautiful stanzas that pay homage to AC/DC.