It’s not every year that Lorde releases an album.

And now at the tail-end of 2020, Lorde – has stopped hinting and among others things, has announced the news of a new album.

Inspiration, when it isn’t running dry might come from all angles. For Lorde’s next album, she’s drawn inspiration from none other than her recent trip to Antarctica.

In an interview with Newshub, she elaborated on why she made the trip down to the frozen continent in 2019.

She said, “I wanted to learn about the science that was happening down there and I wanted to learn about what Kiwis were doing down there.”

While she was down there, it’s clear that above all, she made the trip about education, in particular to do with climate change. She told Newshub, “It doesn’t feel doomy when you’re down there. I felt an incredible amount of hope.”

But before Lorde goes and releases her album, or further details, she will drop something else beforehand. That being her very own book called, Going South.

Lorde disclosed information on her upcoming book, Going South via her newsletter, with Junkee reporting that Lorde refers to the book as a “perfect precursor” to the album.

We can expect the book to be over 100 pages long, with both writing by herself, as well as photography by her friend Harriet Were.

In the newsletter, Lorde also says that, “The pictures turned out so beautiful, I thought it was only right to make them into a little catalogue-style book, alongside a piece of writing I did about my experience on the frozen continent.”

“Albums live in their own realms in a way, and Antarctica really acted as this great white palette cleanser, a sort of celestial foyer I had to move through in order to start making the next thing.”

Check out ‘Green Light’ by Lorde: