It’s been six years, but Zayn Malik leaving One Direction will live rent free in the minds of Directioners forever and ever. But it seems that Liam Payne just wants to have a laugh at it all.

Malik leaving One Direction seemed like a long time coming. He was going through personal battles and the longer he stayed with the band the more distant he seemed to become.

And that was nothing but heartbreaking for their loyal fandom.

A few years on, like many of his other former band members, Malik pursued a solo career in music, going on to create pop singles like ‘PILLOWTALK’, ‘Let Me’ and singing alongside Taylor Swift on ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’.

Now it seems that Payne is ready to laugh about the whole scenario, taking to TikTok to share a video he says he made a long time ago.

The video clip is a “POV” style video, featuring Payne miming to the soundbite which exclaims, “Are we absolutely sure what direction we’re going!?”

Payne also captioned the video “Forgot I made this a while ago. Hope you see the funny side.”

If it weren’t for the soundbite the video probably wouldn’t be funny and he might be dealing with some backlash at the moment.

But honestly, we all remember how swiftly it seemed that Malik exited the band, and Payne’s TikTok probably isn’t too far off from how the first meeting where the band was an awesome foursome actually went.

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Watch the TikTok from Liam Payne below:


#sunshine 😂😂😂 forgot I made this a while ago hope you see the funny side

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