Oh dear, things aren’t going well for the Biebs right now. Only days after announcing the cancellation of the remainder of his world tour, reports are coming in that he has accidentally hit a photographer with his car, outside of his church.

Paparazzi were crowding Justin as he attempted to leave Church yesterday, and it appears that a photographer stepped out infront of his vehicle as he pulled out.

“At 9:24 local time we received a radio call about a vehicle-pedestrian collision on Hamilton Drive,” Sergeant Matthew Stout of the Beverly Hills Police Department said in a statement. “Justin Bieber remained on scene, cooperated with officers and was released.”

Bieberr immediately got out of his car and asked the injured man what he needs, before turning his attention to the gathered paparazzi and sarcastically asking them if the have enough footage of the injured man.

The photographer was hospitalised with minor injuries.

A timely reminder to not crowd artists, and give them their space.