Justin Bieber has been issued with a cease and desist for the artwork of his upcoming album, Justice.

The similarities in the design of the namesake of Bieber’s next album and the signature logo of electronic dance duo, Justice first came to light back in February.

According to Rolling StoneJustice’s co-manager Tyler Goldberg of Jet Management has said,  “The morning Bieber announced his album, it was pretty tough to miss. Aside from seeing it all over the internet ourselves, we heard from hundreds of people throughout the day – industry people, Justice fans – and the Justice guys received a tonne of messages, not only compelled to point out the similarities between the Justice Justin Bieber album, but confused. ‘Is this a Justice collaboration?’”

While all of this may have slowly but surely started to evolve on the internet, now a very crucial piece of information has surfaced, regarding a specific email sent by the ‘Holy’ singer’s team, where they reportedly contacted the duo’s manager in the hopes of being put into contact with the designer of Justice’s logo. This email dates back to April 29th, 2020.

According to Rolling Stonethe Justice logo designer actually responded to the enquiry, responding “I’m available to discuss about logo design sometime next week.” However after the response, Bieber’s team reportedly ended the communication, in which they initially struck up in the first email, saying, “We’re trying to track down the designer who did the below logo for Justice. Was hoping you could help point me in the right direction.”

Now Justice’s team are taking legal action, issuing Bieber with a cease and desist. Part of the letter reads, “Your use of the Mark is illegal. You have not received permission from Justice to utilize the Mark. Moreover, Bieber’s work is in no way affiliated with, supported by, or sponsored by Justice. Such use of the Mark is not only illegal, but likely to deceive and confuse consumers.”

Another section reads, “Not only was Bieber’s team actually aware of Justice’s use of the Mark, they sought to use the same artist to essentially duplicate it for the Album. This is textbook bad faith and willful infringement.”

The letter continues, “Through your illegal co-opting of the Mark, you are now subject to immediate legal action and damages including, but not limited to, punitive and injustice relief.”

The Justice album is locked in to be released tonight and Bieber’s team have reportedly rejected the cease and desist letter.

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