Most people know Jeffree Star as the overlord of the beauty vlogging community. However, some of us know that before Star was sitting on the throne of a multi-million dollar beauty enterprise, he was a devout scene queen.

Star first appeared in the spotlight with his career as a MySpace musician and personality. By 2006, he was the most-followed person on the site. His self-released music would rack up over 5 million streams. Star released his first debut record, Beauty Killer in 2009.

Beauty Killer hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and featured a collaboration with Nicki Minaj on the track ‘Lollipop Luxury.’ Naturally, because of the times, Star was intrinsically linked with scene and MySpace culture. This link lead to a slew of unexpected and iconic collaborations. None more so than his appearance in Metro Station’s 2008 anthem ‘Shake It’.

Watch: Metro Station – ‘Shake It’

We can’t believe it either. It took us ten years to notice the cameo, but there it is, clear as day. Star with his neon-pink hair and offensively large sunglasses, dancing, alongside Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso. If you can’t spot him, check out a screenshot below that makes Star look like a man wanted by the CIA.

jeffree star

Simply gorgeous, glorious stuff.

Though Star’s work with Metro Station did not end there. Further digging has lead us to discover that Star and Metro Station have collaborated on stage. Check out gorgeous footage of them performing the track ‘Control’ together back in 2008.

Watch: Metro Station ft. Jeffree Star ‘Control’

Iconic stuff.

This is just one notch on the belt of Star’s collaborations with scene icons. He has also worked with Millionaires, Good Charlotte, Hollywood Undead, Breathe Caroline, Memphis May Fire, Falling In Reverse and many, many more.

Whilst we’re here, let’s all take a moment to reflect on this photograph of Star with Miley Cyrus. Oh, the 2000s were a simpler time.

jeffree miley

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