Halsey has made it no secret that at heart, she is a massive pop punk fan. Whether its popping up at State Champs shows to finger point, or tweeting her love of The Story So Far, Halsey is wholeheartedly another angsty teen who fell in love with huge choruses and the catchiest group sing-a-longs imaginable.

As a loud and proud emo kid, she’s made it no secret that her favourite band of all time is none other than Panic! At The Disco. Now, as a Panic! fan, most of us will be able to resonate with the dream of one day joining Brendon And Co. onstage to perform an epic rendition of ‘Time To Dance’, or to simply take an iconic selfie with him.

Well, aside from forging a career as one of the world’s most successful and unique pop stars in recent memory, Halsey has made the noble journey from fan to friend like no other. Whether it’s joining each other for guest vocals on stage or tweeting admiration of their music, Halsey and Brendon Urie’s friendship is undeniably one of the best

Without further ado, here’s a brief history into their adorable friendship:

Where it all began:

Back in 2013, Halsey initially revealed her obsessive love for the band, replying to a fan saying she’d witness Panic! live 14 times. Impressive.

Halsey tweets about Panic! At The Disco
“I’ve seen them like 14 times” says Halsey on her love of Panic! At The Disco

In 2015, Halsey’s debut album Badlands was released to huge acclaim from fans and critics alike for its eclectic and conceptual take on pop music. Amidst its huge hype, it caught the eye of none other than Brendon Urie who even took to Pete Wentz’ Beats 1 Radio 1 show to gush about the album.

Brendon Urie praises Halsey on Pete Wentz’s radio show:

Solidifying their companionship, Brendon headed to Halsey’s ethereal live show, taking to Twitter shortly after, calling her an “unbelievable” live performer.

Considering Halsey is a Libra, there’s no surprise she gets along with Brendon, a rambunctious Aries so damn well – on Brendon’s birthday in 2016, she described him as “one of the most important people” in her life.

Not long after, the pair finally gave the world what it needed – an epic onstage collab at Coachella. Brendon joined Halsey onstage during her set, helping her out with ‘New Americana’ as well as gifting us with a shred through of ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’.

Watch Halsey and Brendon Urie perform Coachella 2016:

Bonding over their love of pop punk, they embarked on the most incredible night out of them all – watching blink-182 live together.

She even got him to reveal a huge truth about one of Panic!’s most iconic tracks.

“Luv you, you’re the best”. Our hearts just melted.

Now, Brendon has taken to Amazon Music to gush over how much he adores Halsey yet again, recounting his time joining her onstage at Coachella, going so far as to call her “one of the coolest artists out today”.

“I got to meet her and she invited me to perform at Coachella with her,” Urie recalls. “What a cool opportunity, my only time I’ve been to Coachella and I got to perform with one of the coolest artists out today.”

Brendon Urie recalls his time performing at Coachella with Halsey:

Now, since they gel with such ease, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if the two popped up on a track together soon. Halsey didn’t make a guest appearance on Pray For The Wicked, however, we can hopefully bank on Brendon popping up on her next release.

Until then, let’s continue to bask in the glory of their respective discographies and hope for more outward Twitter love from our faves.