Paramore’s Hayley Williams has taken to social media today to tease the release of two new songs, entitled ‘Taken’ and ‘Pure Love’. Williams posted a 30-second snippet from each of the tracks on Instagram. They will feature on her upcoming third solo EP, Petals for Armor III.

‘Taken’ and ‘Pure Love’ were co-written by Williams and Paramore bassist Joey Howard, with Steph Marziano also pitching in on ‘Taken’. Grammy-winning sound engineer Carlos de la Garza mixed the tracks, while Paramore guitarist, Taylor York, took on producing duties.

Williams teased the tracks less than three weeks after the release of her second solo EP, Petals For Armor II. The Paramore frontwoman has been sharing solo music prolifically since the release of her debut EP, Petals For Armor I, in February.

There is no word yet on when Petals For Armor III will hit shelves. If the third EP is like its predecessors, it will most likely feature five songs.

The entire Petals For Armor album is set to drop on May 8th via Atlantic Records. Presumably ‘Taken’ and ‘Pure Love’ will be available in full by then.

Speaking about her Petals For Armor project, Williams that she “needed these songs to help me get to a place where I could name my shame, take inventory of emotional scars, true friends, awful coping mechanisms and discover what I desire for my life.”

Williams recently revealed that the project has also allowed her to complete songs that had been left unfinished.

“I have so many unfinished things in my voice memos,” she revealed, “and I’ve been going through those just trying to decide what of those should I maybe honour and finish.”

“I’ve thought about getting an eight track and just doing some stuff to tape for fun. I’ve wanted to do that for years anyway.”

Check out ‘Simmer’ by Hayley Williams: