Paramore leader Hayley Williams recently began her solo journey, releasing part one of her three-part EP Petals For Armor recently. Now, she’s dropped part two, and it’s just as beautiful as we’d hoped.

Just as Petals For Armor I graced us with five delicious songs for our ears to taste, Petals For Armor II has now been released, offering us five more songs to dive into.

Including the four previously released songs of ‘Roses/Lotus/Iris/Violet’, ‘My Friend’, ‘Why We Ever’, and ‘Over Yet‘, it also pops in a brand new track ‘Dead Horse’.

Petals For Armor II is the perfect interlude between where Petals began and where it’s going,” singer-songwriter Hayley Williams has written in a statement.

While part three of her instalment solo works “isn’t far behind,” the entire debut EP is set to drop on May 8th, via Atlantic Records.

“I needed these songs to help me get to a place where I could name my shame, take inventory of emotional scars, true friends, awful coping mechanisms and discover what I desire for my life,” Williams shares.

“The latest single, ‘Dead Horse’ offers strength back to a younger, weaker version of myself,” Williams wrote. “I feel like all of this needed to be said in order to embody the kind of woman I hope to be.”

Although Williams started these songs long before we all hunkered down into quarantine, she’s stated in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music that this quiet time is helping her to finish off this EP.

“I have so many unfinished things in my voice memos, and I’ve been going through those just trying to decide what of those should I maybe honour and finish. I’ve thought about getting an eight track and just doing some stuff to tape for fun. I’ve wanted to do that for years anyway.”

You can catch Hayley Williams full EP Petals For Armor on May 8th, via Atlantic Records.

Check out ‘Dead Horse’ by Hayley Williams: