Hayley Williams has opened up about the struggle of releasing an album amid the coronavirus lockdown. 

The Paramore frontwoman has been gradually releasing all three parts of her latest musical project, Petals for Armor, as a guide through her emotional journey over the past few years. Part I was released in February, while Part II was released over the course of April, with the final part in the series dropping on May 8.

However, while each EP was meant to be released in its entirety, Williams made the last-minute decision to release tracks from Part II one by one, along with bonus behind-the-scenes clips, and dance tutorials via Instagram.

Through this drip-feeding of new content, the 31-year-old hoped to give fans something to look forward to without brazenly self-promoting while so much else was going on. In a new interview with Billboard, Williams spoke about the difficulty of finding that delicate medium while promoting an album amid a pandemic.

“We’re all just confused about, ‘How do you promote something in this time [and] not totally look like an asshole?’” she told the publication.

However, with the music and the way fans consume it constantly updating and changing, Williams’ staggered approach to dropping tracks look to be the way of the future when it comes to artist releases.

“Regardless of coronavirus and the quarantine, I think we’re already having to figure out new ways to do stuff,” Hayley said. “Not only because it might be lucrative, but also because it’s just time to try new things. I’ve put out records since I was 16, and we’ve more or less done it the same way. This scratched that itch for me, where hopefully I can learn from this,” she continued.

“When it’s time for Paramore to do something else, we can decide. Maybe by then, there will be all these other new ways of doing it — a big buffet of how to release shit,” she said, referring to Paramore being on hiatus break while Williams works on solo projects.

Watch ‘Simmer’ by Hayley Williams: