Harry Styles has announced a title and release date for his sophomore album: Fine Line, which will be coming out December 13th.

The 25-year-old solo artist announced the news via Instagram. He also revealed the album cover, a fisheye lens shot of the man dressed in a simply gorgeous pink and white ensemble. And of course, how can you ignore the gloved hand in the corner creepily reaching out to him, open-palmed. There is yet to be any form of tracklist released for the project.

The windswept photograph can be identified as drawing attention towards the fine line between masculinity and femininity, the black hand being representative of normal societal expectation. This is merely speculation of course, but whatever the cover may represent, we know Harry is on a mission.

You can check out the cover, which premiered on Instagram, below.

Harry Styles launched his new era with the single ‘Lights Up,’ an indie-pop instant classic that possessed one of the most mesmerising videos of this year so far. While his 2017 self-titled debut album was more reliant on rock sensibilities and seventies flair, it seems his new sound will be more subdued and timeless. In his latest Rolling Stone cover story, he revealed that a majority of the new project was recorded across six weeks in Rick Rubin’s Malibu-based Shangri-la studios with producers Tyler Johnson and Jeff Bhasker. He reunited with some of the same writers and musicians from his first LP and tour, including guitarist Mitch Rowland, drummer Sarah Jones and writer/producer Kid Harpoon (a.k.a. Tom Hull).

He also notably described Fine Line as “all about having sex and feeling sad.”

On November 16th, Styles will act as both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, which he also teased on Instagram a few days ago. He was previously musical guest in 2017, when his debut solo album was released.

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