@juliku88 couldn’t just keep Hands Like Houses to herself anymore, and so she decided to hit us up on Instagram and let us know why this band is the perfect new discovery that you need to be making right away.

We asked her a series of questions as part of our fan submission series, to learn more about the band and how @juliku88 found them.

According to @juliku88, her discovery of Hands Like Houses lead to her exploring their Instagram and finding another band, Captives! Through searching through her favourite posts by the band, she managed to find another new favourite, which has gone on to inspire her just like Hands Like Houses have.

How exactly did you discover Hands Like Houses?

“I think I discovered the Australian band Hands Like Houses 3 years ago. Actually, it was my boyfriend who told me to listen to that band because I would like their music. So I did and was listening to some of their songs from time to time. At the beginning of 2019, I started to go to concerts more often ( Panic! At the disco, Nothing More, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Three Days Grace…) and followed some pages on Instagram which feature different bands. One of the bands was Captives.

“I liked their style of music and was scrolling through their Instagram page. I saw that they were on tour around Germany as the opening act. FOR HANDS LIKE HOUSES!! I couldn’t believe it and was quickly looking for tour dates and tickets. This was a Wednesday. And the concert in Siegen was 5 days later so I was lucky I didn’t miss it.

“So I asked a friend to join me and we went to the concert in a small venue. We made it to the first row. Even though this venue was so tiny Hands Like Houses delivered an awesome show! The singer Trenton tried to speak German the whole time which was super cute and funny! He even wore a football shirt by the BVB (a football club from Dortmund where I live) because they are his favourite. I even met the guitarist Alex who was selling merch and talked to Trenton after the show about his German skills which he learned at school. I honestly have to say that the most impressive thing next to their music is their down-to-earth attitude!”

Why do you love their music? 

“I really love their music because Trenton has an incredible voice and the songs just make me happy but I also liked to just talk with them about simple things like old friends. For sure I am going to the next concert in Germany! I really don’t want to miss the opportunity to see their great performance on stage and rock to their music with other fans!”

@juliku88 even identified her fave posts from the band from Instagram, here’s one of them.

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