Halsey has spoken out on Twitter about the absolute lack of Grammy nods that BTS has received, and seeing as she is one of their collaborators, it makes sense that she’s sticking up for one of the world’s most cherished boybands. 

“BTS deserved many nominations,” the group’s collaborator Halsey tweeted.

Ahead of the arrival of the official unveiling of the nominations for the 2020 Grammy Awards, fans of K-pop groups BTS and BLACKPINK gathered in eager anticipation to see if their favourite group would receive official recognition from the Academy. Speculation was high in the air, as both bands have broken down cultural boundaries to see international acclaim.

However, fans of both groups were sorely disappointed on social media when the absence of their groups was revealed by the official Academy nominations.

Fans eagerly debated over social media as to the sort of potential categories the groups could get into. BTS could easily have been recognized for album of the year with Map of the Soul: Persona, which was factually the best-selling album of the year. Best music video of the year could have gone to ‘Boy with Luv’ featuring Halsey, which was STUNNING. BLACKPINK, who recently became the first K-pop group to hit 1 billion views with a single music video on YouTube, could be recognised as Best New Artist?

The Grammys have been accused of racism for multiple years now, and everyone was expecting that this would be the perfect year for them to finally recognise the impact that the South Korean bands have been making across the globe.

As soon as the nominations were officially announced, fans took to social media to discuss the Grammy snub of their faves, and share their thoughts. One individual leading the charge was Halsey, who proudly stuck up for her collaborators BTS.

On Twitter, ‘BTS ARMY’ began to trend in no time, as well as ‘This is BTS’.

Check out the brilliance of the Twitter discourse below, including Halsey’s response to her collaborators being overlooked.