It takes less than a second for Halsey to set the tone on her much-anticipated second studio album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom; heartbreak, unrequited love, dark dramatic beats and all over pain for pleasure that some relationships have to offer. Much like her debut album, BADLANDS, there are many songs reminiscing past lovers and people who are bad for you… you know, the good stuff.

Since teasing us with the first single ‘Now or Never’ it was easy to see the visual and lyrical comparisons of Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film adaptation of Romeo & Juliet which has a KILLER soundtrack itself  (listen to ‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen’, it’ll change your life, I promise). That music video basically sets us up for what the album will be like. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom has such a “star crossed lovers who never really stood a chance but didn’t let that stop them falling head over heels while it crashed and burned” style of love and loss. It works so incredibly well on the album, in real life not so much but hey, we got an exceptional record from it so… thank you Halsey for using your pain for art (again). The CD (yes, people still buy those) has a bullet through the middle, which Halsey mentioned was “inspired by Romeo & Juliet” and looks extremely badass. Talk about setting up an epic theme.

There are so many standout tracks, I almost don’t want to narrow it down to my top three because they’re all sonically pleasing in some way. That being said, I totally will, but do yourself a favour and listen to this record track by track and not on shuffle. Much like BADLANDS, this is not just an album but a journey to go through with Halsey, one that you can make your own.

My top three tunes to stop what you’re doing and listen to right now are:

  1. Eyes Closed – This will be every “I’ve just come out of a breakup and I shouldn’t be hooking up but I know my ex is, so I’m out tonight with a guy I can’t even stand” anthem. Plus it’s a collab with The Weeknd so can it really do wrong? No, the answer is absolutely not.
  2. Alone – This. Beat. Is. Infectious. From first listen you’re bopping your head, miming the wrong words like a scene from Wayne’s World and dancing like this song has been in your life forever.
  3. Sorry – What can I say? I’m a sucker for a ballad with lyrics that portray a dramatic love gone wrong so naturally this song is the new soundtrack to my life. Brb, crying myself to sleep.

If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to lock yourself in your room and listen to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and let the waves of feels crash over you. (Also, if you haven’t listened already, why??? This is one of the most anticipated albums of the year and you’re just sleeping on it? Really?). Get your ears around it now, either way: