Over the weekend, Kanye West delivered his first campaign rally for his 2020 presidential bid. On Sunday, July 19th, the 43-year-old rapper hosted his first presidential rally at the Uxquis Event Center in North Charleston, South Carolina.

West’s appearance saw him make a slew of outlandish claims. At one point, West broke into tears after revealing that he and wife Kim Kardashian considered aborting their first child — claiming that his own father wanted to have him aborted.

“There would have been no Kanye West … because my dad was too busy!,” West cried.

West also made a controversial remark pertaining to slave liberator Harriet Tubman, in which he claimed Tubman “never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people.”

The rally followed a bizarre, four-hour interview with Forbes, that saw the rapper claim he had coronavirus — which he branded “the mark of the beast”—, that American toothpaste and deodorant “affect our ability to be of service to God,” and his ideology on foreign policies, abortion, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, taxes, China and more.

TMZ report that was released shortly after, revealed that sources close to Kanye suggest that he is in the midst of a bipolar episode. The insiders claim that Kanye experiences a manic episode like this yearly.

Following a number of worrying tweets made by Kanye yesterday afternoon, Halsey took to Twitter to share a lengthy thread delving into bipolar disorder, warning people against “taking this opportunity to make offensive remarks and [vilify] people with mental illnesses.” Alluding to the backlash Kanye has received amid his presidential run.

“No jokes right now,” Halsey wrote in the thread. “I have dedicated my career to offering education and insight about bipolar disorder and I’m so disturbed by what I’m seeing. Personal opinions about someone aside, a manic episode isn’t a joke. If you can’t offer understanding or sympathy, offer your silence.”

Halsey emphasised that “a lot of people you know” may be battling with bipolar disorder, warning critics that offensive remarks or vilifying them is unproductive and triggering. “You can hate someone’s actions or opinions without contributing to stigma that damages an entire community of sometimes vulnerable people all for a couple of laughs,” she wrote.

“If you wanna think someone is an asshole, go ahead. Lots of people with mental illnesses are great,” she said. “Lots of them are assholes. Because they are people. With nuanced personalities. But making jokes specifically targeted towards bipolar hurts more than the 1 person ur angry with.”

There are a number of immediately contactable hotlines that you can call if you or anyone you know needs help: