Green Day are pop punk’s founding fathers – in 1994, they broke down the alternative rock walls once dominated by grunge and took the bubbly sounds of Bay Area punk to the mainstream. Everything that’s happened since is owed to the groundbreaking work of Green Day – All Time Low’s greatest influence, Neck Deep’s gateway and Fall Out Boy’s go-to melody inspo.

The band are taking some time off from the road at the moment and even though frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is responsible for some of the most vital pop punk music ever, it doesn’t seem to be ebbing him to take a well-deserved break any time soon.

Last night, the first taste of the iconic frontman’s side-project The Longshot dropped. The angst-drenched track ‘Love Is For Losers’ was spun on the radio station ALT 105.3 and eventually leaked onto YouTube for your listening pleasure.

Check it out below:

Billie also took to Instagram to share that the band’s debut album would be named after the track ‘Love If For Losers’, saying it’d arrive “eventually sooner or later, probably sooner.” Members of the band are still unknown, with fans speculating it could be both of his sons Jeff Matika, and Green Day’s Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.

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