This past year has seen Crocs have an unexpected renaissance. The once famously uncool brand has rapidly earnt credibility amongst pop culture sphere. This past year has seen Crocs collaborate with streetwear brand Pleasures, Balenciaga, Post Malone and even Drew Barrymore. However, we could have never anticipated a pair of crocs appear that appeals to our interests so intensely. Enter, Goth Crocs.

Recently, a tweet went viral that featured a goth at a soft pretzel joint wearing the best shoes we’ve ever seen in our entire life. Our unidentified, German dough enthusiast was wearing what can only be described as ‘Goth Crocs.’ They’re quite simply magnificent.

The black crocs are embellished with thick chains and spikes, they also feature a single eye-catching spike that protrudes unapologetically from one of the Croc holes. It doesn’t end there, this DIY god has found a way to connect the shoe to his pants with a metal clasp, so as not to lose this priceless shoe.

We’ve since discovered that the mastermind behind the crocs is Instagram user @garbage_b0y. Who affectionately refers to his creation as ‘punk crocs’. They’re currently being sold on Etsy for $260, you can purchase them here.

Naturally, since going viral, punk crocs have elicited a strong reaction from the internet. Here are our favourites.

We anticipate seeing these everywhere for SS20. Jump on the trend now to guarantee that you’ll be the gustiest goth in the mosh pit.

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