Gerard Way has rekindled the flames of hope for a My Chemical Romance reunion in an interview he did recently with Billboard, and we are all shook. He said (and we QUOTE) “I wouldn’t count [a reunion] out”. And honestly, that’s good enough for us.

Except we did read the rest of the interview, and he followed that up immediately with “… but at the same time everybody’s doing stuff in their lives now that they’re really enjoying”.

He’s definitely left the door open to the possibility of an MCR reunion in the future, which is a refreshing change of pace from when Frank Iero tweeted this back in 2015:

With the world being such a ginormous trash heap right now, it’s honestly nice to have hope that a My Chemical Romance reunion is (maybe) (potentially) on the cards again.

Gerard also said in the interview “In some ways I don’t really miss it; It had gotten so big it was very unwieldy. It took a toll on my mental life and personal life. The thing I’m happiest about right now is everybody’s relationships with each other are really strong. That’s more important than anything else to me”.

We back that. Whatever they collectively decide, we’re here for it. In the mean time though, get your cry on with us: