Frank Iero has posted the first teaser of his latest musical venture, of which he has not released the name. The Instagram photo is captioned “first band photo. (no filter) #FIATFV”

Frank has been in a number of bands outside of and since My Chemical Romance,  LeATHERMØUTH, Death Spells, frnkiero andthe cellabration, Frank Iero and the Patience, and has occasionally performed in Reggie and the Full Effect as well.

Now, there’s a whole new band with a whole new name. The only hint we’ve got is #FIATFV. It’s safe to assume the FIAT part is “Frank Iero and the”… But what does the FV stand for? Fans on Instagram have been commenting hilarious suggestions since the post went live, including:

  • Franks Interesting Animated Televised Flying Velociraptors
  • Frank iero and the freeloader vegetables
  • frank iero and the fabulous vets
  • Frank iero and the flying vegetarians
  • Frank Iero and the fatass vultures
  • Frank iero and the freaky vampires
  • Frank iero and the Furry Vidcon
  • Frank Iero and the funky virgins
  • Frank Iero and the fabaceous vacuity
  • frank iero and the funeral vines
  • Frank Iero and the Fever Victims

We had a crack at guessing the name too:

  • Frank Iero and the Feather Vest
  • Frank Iero and the Freaky Vacuums
  • Frank Iero and the Frothy Volcano
  • Frank Iero and the Fruits+Vegetables
  • Frank Iero and the Flamingo Vase

What do you think the new band will be called? And what do you reckon they’ll sound like?

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