After many months of speculating, just weeks ago our reigning king of heartland-goth-punk Frank Iero finally unveiled the name of his new project, Frank Iero and the Future Violents.

We’ve been totally itching for new music from the ultra-prolific guitarist/songwriter, considering the last we heard from him was 2017’s four-track EP Keep The Coffins Coming, released under the name Frank Iero and the Patience.

Now, we can gleefully revel in the knowledge that this Friday, Frank Iero and the Future Violents will unleash the first single titled ‘Young And Doomed’ off their upcoming full-length Barriers. 

We can already tell from the song name that the track is going to be one of the most uncompromisingly cool releases of the year, I mean we wouldn’t expect anything less from the dude who managed to master shredding through the entirety of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. 

Set to drop May 31st, the record will mark the band’s first ever release with one of our favourite record labels UNFD, also home to the likes of artists like Tonight Alive, Yours Truly, Hellions and more (just when we thought that roster couldn’t be any more iconic, an actual ex-member of My Chemical Romance joined the party, we are simply not worthy.)

“Super excited to be joining the UNFD family,” said Iero about the signing. “We’ve known each other for a long time and the opportunity to be finally working together with people who really understand the project and believe in it is the greatest thing you could ever ask for.”

The album, recorded by the legendary Steve Albini is set to revolve around an existential journey and barriers that sometimes block creative endeavors.

“It got me thinking about how we set up these obstacles around ourselves. Sometimes they’re for protection and sometimes they’re to keep people out, and sometimes we even set them up so that we fail and we find solace in that failure,” said Frank.

“But whenever I find something that scares the shit out of me, that’s when I know I have to do it! And so these songs are about experiences that were either walls I wanted to break down or walls that I’d built up around myself in order to protect myself. But these songs were also things that I’d never attempted before but had always wanted to try.”

Until Friday, sit back and enjoy this banger from all the way back in 2014 from when we first got acquainted with Iero’s awesome project.

Frank Iero And The Celebration – ‘joyriding’

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