Does anyone know if there’s any track that Hayley Williams can’t jump on and totally smash? Because we’re pretty sure that track doesn’t exist.

Aside from her discography as the front woman of Paramore, Hayley’s solo discography is as stunning as it is expansive. An example of that? Her recently released solo album, FLOWERS for VASES / descansos, which she surprise released earlier this month.

Hayley first teased the new album back in January when she shared a video of her saying, “We don’t need drums if this is my folklore.”

She then confirmed speculations of the album after she posted the official artwork via her Twitter. She also stated that it wouldn’t be a follow-up to her Petals for Armor album.

Not too long after that, Hayley confirmed that for the time being, she’s keen to hit pause on the solo work and direct her energy towards getting the band back together.

In a Twitter Q&A Hayley held with fans, she was asked, “Did you write more songs for FFV that weren’t eventually included in the tracklist and if so are you gonna use them either for a future solo project or for a Paramore album?”

Hayley replied, “There are more songs, yeah, but I’m not planning on another solo album. And I’m not sure if they’d be great for Paramore. I’m ready for the next Paramore album… let’s go.”

So there you have it. While we officially start anticipating the next Paramore album, we thought there couldn’t be a better time to kick back and appreciate some of our favourite Hayley Williams collaborations alongside the artists she’s worked with.

‘As U Wave’ by HalfNoise

‘Airplanes’ by B.o.B

‘Bury It’ by CHVRCHES

‘Stay The Night’ by Zedd

‘the few that remain’ by Set Your Goals

‘Rainbow Magic’ by Weezer

‘The Church Channel’ by Say Anything